How Can You Obtain PowerShell Training?


I had a former co-worker ask me recently how a company in Atlanta could obtain training in PowerShell. I wanted to share the info here as well.

  • Don Jones of Concentrated Tech offers onsite training as well as other services Don was the lead author for the official Microsoft (MOC) courseware for PowerShell, and he’s one of the best IT speakers around. Co-author of PowerShell: TFM
  • Jeff Hicks. The other half of PowerShell: TFM, and author of Managing Active Directory with PowerShell: TFM. (linkedin profile
  • Global Knowledge has a PowerShell course
  • So does New Horizons
  • VMware vSphere TrainingI myself produced a set of videos for Train Signal. They are geared to VMware admins, so if you fit that bucket, you will like.
  • SAPIEN has self-paced training materials, as well as courseware. Of course you’d still need a trainer to go that route.
  • Hope this helps!

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