Quickly Duplicate Windows Features and Roles On Another Server Using PowerShell


If you have a server that needs to have the same Windows Server features and roles as another system, here’s an easy way to quickly get that done using PowerShell. I did this logged into each server locally, but you could easily use PowerShell remoting to do the same thing.

Step 1: Run PowerShell with ServerManager module:


Step 2: Export list of currently installed features to XML

Get-WindowsFeature | ? { $_.installed } | Export-Clixml \\server\share\features.xml


Step 3: On second server, run PowerShell and import XML

$f = Import-Clixml \\server\share\features.xml


Step 4: Pipe that bad boy into Add-WindowsFeature!

$f | Add-WindowsFeature


Step 5: Restart, if needed


That’s it!

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