PowerShell Workflow, defined (V3 CTP2)


A workflow is a sequence of automated steps or activities that execute tasks on or retrieve data from one or more managed nodes (computers or devices). These activities can include individual commands or scripts. Windows PowerShell Workflow enables, IT pros and developers alike, to author sequences of multi-computer management activities — that are either long-running, repeatable, frequent, parallelizable, interruptible, stoppable, or restartable — as workflows. By design, workflows can be resumed from an intentional or accidental suspension or interruption, such as a network outage, a reboot or power loss.

I just had to paste this paragraph. It comes from the recently published “Getting Started with PowerShell Workflow” as announced in this post on the PowerShell team blog. You can grab the PDF from the WMF3 CTP2 download page.

Hot stuff! Go grab the 14 page doc so you can be ready for when v3 ships! There are a ton of examples so that you get started quickly.

Disclaimer: this is pre-release code and will definitely change

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