And Now, for Something Completely Different!

I am very happy to announce that I’ve taken a new job with Splunk! I’m going to be a Solutions Architect working in their Business Development Partner Application Development team for my buddy Brandon Shell. As a part of my new role, I will be using Python (and PowerShell wherever I can fit it in) to help to create solutions around our areas of focus. There will be VMware stuff for sure, and some other cool technologies as well that I’m very interested in. More news as I figure out what they are. Smile

The job is 100% working from home, which is awesome. I’m glad to get back to that after several years of braving Atlanta traffic. (I had worked for HP from home for a while.) You know what else is great about this new job? I won’t be on call 24×7! Very glad to ditch the pager! (Not to say that I won’t return your calls, Brandon. Smile , just not while I am asleep.)

I’m all set to start Feb 13th!

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