How to use PowerShell OSS as the Integrated Terminal in VisualStudioCode on OSX or Linux

Like PowerShell? Like to run it on OSX or Linux? Like Visual Studio Code as an editor? Well, for those of you in my small boat–you are in luck! 🙂 Here’s what it looks like:


It’s not hard at all to get this working. I found a tip here to change the integrated terminal in VSCode to PowerShell. The steps are similar for OSX or Linux. Edit your user preferences (CMD + , on a Mac, or open your command palette and type “user”) and look for:

Change that accordingly based on your OS and paths. Save it and you are done! Here’s what works on OSX:

    // The path of the shell that the terminal uses on OS X.
    "": "/usr/local/bin/powershell",

Now, when you go to “View | Integrated Terminal”, PowerShell opens! Then you can do things like run the currently selected text in the active terminal, and voila!

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