How Can You Obtain PowerShell Training?

I had a former co-worker ask me recently how a company in Atlanta could obtain training in PowerShell. I wanted to share the info here as well. Don Jones of Concentrated Tech offers onsite training as well as other services Don was the lead author for the official Microsoft (MOC) courseware for PowerShell, and he’s […]

PowerCLI v5 is available today, download it NOW!

Run, don’t walk to vmware.com/go/powercli to grab the latest version of the world’s best PowerShell snapin. That’s right, v5 is out and you can grab it now! And the coolest part is that while nobody will have vSphere 5 in production on day one (ok, there’s a couple of you out there), PowerCLI v5 is […]

PowerShell Tip: Don’t forget the type!

So I’m sitting here building a bunch of virtual machines using PowerCLI. I decided to start with a spreadsheet into which I’ve collected many of the important things about a virtual machine: Since I don’t actually build VMs every day, and I haven’t focused on a build process (like I should, I know!) yet, this […]

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VMware Zimbra for Android, one week later

Been using this for work email for over a week and I still really like it. Has a couple minor bugs, is missing a few features that I had in Touchdown. But overall, it is really very good. It is much better than the stock Android Exchange client, that is clear. It does folder management […]

Change PowerShell ISE Colors To Match the Console

Here’s a quick bit of code to change the color of PowerShell ISE’s output pane to match the colors used in the powershell.exe console: $psise.Options.OutputPaneBackgroundColor = "#012456" $psise.Options.OutputPaneTextBackgroundColor = "#012456" $psise.Options.OutputPaneForegroundColor = "#eeedf0" You can paste these lines into the editor pane and click the run botton to see how it looks. If you like […]

Thanks For Nothing, MOM! (I mean, System Center Operations Manager, not you, Mom)

Just wanted to vent a bit of frustration with System Center Operations Manager this morning. As you can see from the task manager shot below, SCOM (showing its Microsoft Operations Manager roots with the process name) likes to eat memory. I left it running over the weekend on my work PC. Bad idea. P.S. Mom, […]

Quickly Duplicate Windows Features and Roles On Another Server Using PowerShell

If you have a server that needs to have the same Windows Server features and roles as another system, here’s an easy way to quickly get that done using PowerShell. I did this logged into each server locally, but you could easily use PowerShell remoting to do the same thing. Step 1: Run PowerShell with […]

Had a Great Time at TechEd!

I was only able to attend one full day of the show, but it was a pretty productive day for me. I gave a “birds of a feather” session to a packed room on Tuesday that was really well received. That was followed up with meeting with folks from Train Signal, Sapien, Cisco, amd several […]

TechMentor is coming soon!

I’m not speaking this year, but I was really impressed when I spoke at TM Orlando a couple of years ago. You should check it out, and here’s a discount! You’re not too late for TechMentor Orlando (http://www.techmentorevents.com/orlando2011), March 14 – 18, 2011 at Disney’s Yacht Club. TechMentor is offering you the best discount so […]

Kill that VM!

That’s right, I’m going to go there—with PowerCLI! The topic of how to kill a stuck or hung VM has been done to death using SSH and a few arcane shell commands, or a long-running support script. But did you know you can do the same thing using PowerCLI? I’ll be teaching you how in […]

PowerCLI Quick Tip: Get VM Uptime

Well, technically, it’s not uptime, it’s “last boot time”, but you know what I mean. I think this is much more useful than the number of seconds since the last boot anyway… $LastBootProp = @{ Name = ‘LastBootTime’ Expression = { ( Get-Date ) – ( New-TimeSpan -Seconds $_.Summary.QuickStats.UptimeSeconds ) } } Get-VM | Get-View […]

Which Dream (Virtualization) Layer Are We In Again?

I think the movie Inception was a pretty good analogy to my home virtual lab. Here’s my latest Visio diagram. All of this is hosted on a single quad-core HP workstation with 8 GB RAM.

Deleting Computer Objects with PowerShell

First of all—I feel like such a n00b to be posting this. It’s fair to say that I know a bit about PowerShell but, man, the world is so big and I certainly do not know it all. As I always say, if I didn’t learn something today, then I must be dead. Ok, on […]