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VMware Zimbra for Android, one week later

Been using this for work email for over a week and I still really like it. Has a couple minor […]

Change PowerShell ISE Colors To Match the Console

Here’s a quick bit of code to change the color of PowerShell ISE’s output pane to match the colors used […]

Thanks For Nothing, MOM! (I mean, System Center Operations Manager, not you, Mom)

Just wanted to vent a bit of frustration with System Center Operations Manager this morning. As you can see from […]

Quickly Duplicate Windows Features and Roles On Another Server Using PowerShell

If you have a server that needs to have the same Windows Server features and roles as another system, here’s […]

Had a Great Time at TechEd!

I was only able to attend one full day of the show, but it was a pretty productive day for […]

TechMentor is coming soon!

I’m not speaking this year, but I was really impressed when I spoke at TM Orlando a couple of years […]

Kill that VM!

That’s right, I’m going to go there—with PowerCLI! The topic of how to kill a stuck or hung VM has […]

PowerCLI Quick Tip: Get VM Uptime

Well, technically, it’s not uptime, it’s “last boot time”, but you know what I mean. I think this is much […]

Which Dream (Virtualization) Layer Are We In Again?

I think the movie Inception was a pretty good analogy to my home virtual lab. Here’s my latest Visio diagram. […]

Deleting Computer Objects with PowerShell

First of all—I feel like such a n00b to be posting this. It’s fair to say that I know a […]